The goal of Pathways To Hope Inc is to provide an established, proven, engaging and fast-paced ‘Drug Awareness’ workshop/presentation for young people aged between 11 and 19 years of age (grades 6 to 12 inclusive), offering factual information regarding substance use and abuse, supported by real-life accounts and a personal insight in to the drug culture.

Much of the information Mark Meadows has to offer comes from his career with the police in the United Kingdom, which included a period of time deployed as an undercover officer, investigating the illegal use, production, distribution and trafficking of Heroin and Crack Cocaine. 

Mark aims to provide the audience with information that enables them to consider making better, more informed choices, in an effort to dissuade young people, in particular, from considering using or abusing illegal drugs, especially as a coping method to deal with social, emotional or behavioural worries or concerns. 

Mark also seeks to acknowledge those who have refrained from using illegal drugs that their decision is significant, courageous and worthy of recognition.

The presentation can also be adapted to include career, motivation, health & wellbeing and legal aspects.

Mark also offers school and classroom safety assessments, using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.) principals.

  • Drug Awareness workshops – Grade 6 to 8 & 9 to 12 inclusive;
  • Individual group / class presentations (Eg. Phys Ed: Healthy Living – Substance Use, Addictions, and Related Behaviours);
  • School / Classroom Safety Assessments;
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D) Audits;
  • Public Presentations:
  • Career Advice;
  • Motivational Presentations;
  • Police Foundations;
  • Protection, Security & Investigation College Course.

“I truly enjoyed listening to you about your experiences. I have learned so much from you about the ‘other world’. Wow!! I had no idea your credentials were so amazing and outstanding. The connections you make with students and staff is so admirable. You are an amazing person and so compassionate about the work you do”.

Kim K, Child & Youth Worker

“You are amazing. Your talk and support saved my life”.

Jill K, Former student

“Life changing talk he gave to my class at Bluevale. Great man as well. I still talk about you and what I learned from you to this day”.

Chantal M, Former student & owner of Anxiety Gone

“One of the toughest cops I had the privilege to work alongside. You took the decision to put yourself in harms-way by going in to the dark places and into situations people don’t get to see or want to know about. Your undercover role gave you an insight into the drug world that will be unique. To see you using that to such positive effect and to have such an influence on so many young lives is truly amazing. Well done. You are doing something very special”. 

Jim G, Former Police Inspector/Colleague & Event Safety Consultant